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OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Member Award Winners — 2015/2016 · Liz Barkley Status of Women Award 2015/2016



Liz Barkley Status of Women Award 2015/2016

Leslie Wolfe – District 12 Toronto

Throughout her career, Leslie Wolfe has been an advocate and an activist on issues of women’s equality and gender equity in the Federation and in the greater community. Her commitment to mentoring women in the Federation is unwavering.

In her roles as Chief Negotiator and Vice President in District 12 STBU, Provincial Councillor, and Provincial Executive Officer, Leslie has been a strong role model and mentor, opening doors and providing encouragement for many women members to become involved and develop as leaders.

As a PC and PE Liaison to the provincial Status of Women Committee, Leslie regularly shared her expertise and experience to help committee members develop more confidence and play new roles. She was instrumental in helping Committee members navigate the rules of AMPA, craft resolutions, and practice speaking on the floor.

Leslie was the driving force behind the decision in 2012 to rename the Status of Women award to honour the memory of her own mentor, Liz Barkley. Her knowledge, experience and many accomplishments as a union member and leader make Leslie Wolfe a very deserving recipient of the 2016 Liz Barkley Status of Women Award.