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Federation Family Education Fund Application Form

If you submit this application successfully, you will receive a "thank you" page. If you do not receive this page, contact Karen Metherall:

  • Telephone                         416-751-8300 Ext. 320 or 1-800-267-7867
  • Email                                 Karen.metherall@osstf.ca

* Denotes mandatory information

Part A - Applicant Information

Date Sunday, June 25, 2017
Student's Name  
*First Name
*Last Name
*Birth Date
*Secondary School you attended or are currently attending
*Year you Graduated / will Graduate from high school

Address to which you want any correspondence sent:
*Street Address
*Postal Code
Part B - Member Information

*Name of Parent/Guardian (who is a Member of OSSTF/FEESO)
First Name
Last Name
*OSSTF/FEESO Membership #
OSSTF/FEESO District Name
*Bargaining Unit
  If other, specify 

*Work Location
*Work Telephone    Ext. 
*Home Telephone
Mobile Phone
*Personal E-mail
Part C - Post Secondary Information

*a) Name of post-secondary institution(s) where you will be attending OR where you have applied for the upcoming year

*b) Name of program in which you are enrolled / have applied

* c) Length of your progam (number of years of study)  

* d) In September, what program year will you be enrolled (i.e. year 1, year 2, etc.)  
* Is this your first post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate?  

*e) Have you received an OSSTF/FEESO Family Federation Education Fund allocation previously?
I hereby consent to the collection and use of the above-noted information by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. This information shall be used exclusively for the purposes of union administration and the representation of our members.
*Name of Parent/Guardian: